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Triangle-triangle tests, plus the art of benchmarking

Over the years, several methods have been suggested for testing the intersection status of two triangles. Perhaps the most well-known presentations are by [Möller97] and [Held97]. Other presentations include [Roy98], [Shen03], and [Guigue03].

Last year yet another triangle-triangle method was suggested by [Tropp06]. Read the rest of this entry »

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Plücker coordinates considered harmful!

I admit, I have lots of pet peeves; although I like to think of it not as much as having pet peeves but having a heightened sense of what’s right and what’s wrong! Something that gets my spider sense of wrongness tingling is seeing research papers use Plücker coordinates. (Computer graphics and computational geometry papers predominantly, because those are the fields I follow.) Why the sense of wrongness? Because these days, increasingly more people in these fields are grasping for Plücker coordinates to solve problems that would have been both more elegantly and more efficiently solved with simpler, more traditional tools. Let me explain myself. Read the rest of this entry »

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