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More Capcom/CEDEC bean-spilling

In a previous blog post I talked about Capcom’s CEDEC 2006 technical presentation on the MT Framework engine as used in Lost Planet. Well, it appears Capcom had another presentation this time at CEDEC 2007 on the same topic, yet again with good information about what they’re doing in their engine. Again Beyond3D comes to the rescue for those of us who only read Japanese using Babelfish, with commentary in these two news articles. Read the rest of this entry »


Input latency

In the latest (September 2007) issue of Game Developer, my old slave driver during my Neversoft days, Mick West, wrote a nice article about responsiveness in games. One thing Mick’s article covers in quite some detail is input latency and how this latency changes between a game running at 60 fps and at 30 fps. Read the rest of this entry »

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I like spilled beans!

It is always cool when developers reveal technical information about their games, especially when it is a team that has done really good work and you’re likely to pick up some good nuggets of information. One of the most interesting presentations of late was the Capcom MT Framework presentation (in Japanese) from CEDEC 2006 posted by the Japanese site Impress Watch. Read the rest of this entry »

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Converting RGB to LogLuv in a fragment shader

There are a few places on the net that I visit pretty regularly. One such place is the forums at Beyond3D where several cool developers hang around and post good stuff. Some of my favourite Beyond3D contributors are DeanA (Dean Ashton, a colleague over at SCEE ATG, with a never-updated blog), and DeanoC (Dean Calver) and nAo (Marco Salvi) who happen to be lead and graphics programmers, respectively, on Heavenly Sword over at Ninja Theory. All fellow PS3 programmers in other words. Read the rest of this entry »

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