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Coplanarity is teH eVil!!!11!1!!

I sort of implied this in passing in my triangle-triangle tests post, but let’s state it officially: coplanarity (or collinearity) in your inputs will almost always screw you over in one way or another! Here’s another example of what can go wrong: this time performing continuous collision detection between a moving point and a moving triangle. (In case this looks familiar it’s probably because you’ve seen me mention it before in other forums, but hey, self-plagiarization is OK as long as you’re not trying to publish!) Read the rest of this entry »

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Real-time ray tracing cures cancer!

Of late (in particular, but really for quite some time) there’s been a lot of hype about real-time ray tracing being the graphical equivalent of the second coming of Christ. This has bothered me a lot and I felt I should write about it at some point, but it turns out I don’t have to, because Dean Calver just did a much better write up on the topic than I could ever have done. Dean’s write up is fab and it’s called Real-Time Ray Tracing: Holy Grail or Fools’ Errand? In fact, it’s so good you should read it repeatedly, until you become one with the article.

And after you’ve read it, ask yourself why Intel was afraid to answer these questions about their current real-time ray tracing endeavors.

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Reading comprehension skills are down

I see in my incoming blog links that someone linked my most recent post with the following comment: Read the rest of this entry »

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Sorry state of academic crack-smoking

When writing my earlier blog entry on how you can get complex behaviors from very little and why it’s okay to fake AI (and anything else), I came across this slightly insulting comment about game AI vs. academic AI research that I just have to share (emphasis added): Read the rest of this entry »

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More Capcom/CEDEC bean-spilling

In a previous blog post I talked about Capcom’s CEDEC 2006 technical presentation on the MT Framework engine as used in Lost Planet. Well, it appears Capcom had another presentation this time at CEDEC 2007 on the same topic, yet again with good information about what they’re doing in their engine. Again Beyond3D comes to the rescue for those of us who only read Japanese using Babelfish, with commentary in these two news articles. Read the rest of this entry »