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Are you redundant? You should back it up!

So, the reason I haven’t blogged in quite a while is that I had my external HD crash on me; said HD containing, amongst other things, my scribbles on things to blog about that might hopefully be of value or interest to people. While it turns out I didn’t lose any data, thanks to some luck and the friendly IT guys at work, it still made me reluctant to plug the HD back in until I had sorted out a reasonably reliable backup solution. You see, I had been bad and, ehrm, well, didn’t have any backups for my PC hard disks! And I bet you too probably don’t have a backup solution for your machine, dear reader! Tsk, not good. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you when your HD crashes. And it will crash, it’s just a matter of time! Read the rest of this entry »

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