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Memory-efficient pathfinding

Third time’s a charm they say, and as I’ve talked about pathfinding twice before (in Don’t follow the shortest path! and Aiding pathfinding with cellular automata) I thought I’d charm everyone with a third pathfinding article. This time I’ll talk about how we can reduce the memory consumption on a commonly used pathfinding algorithm by about a magnitude! Read the rest of this entry »

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Be more functional

Since I’ve dissed patterns and OOP recently (and rightly so) I thought I’d be a little positive and recycle an email I sent a friend a while ago. This someone was curious about functional languages after I had mentioned them over dinner as he had no experience with them. I absolutely think that if all you have ever used is an imperative language (exemplified by C++, Java, C# and other similar crap) I highly recommend spending (at least) several days learning a functional language. You’ll be a better programmer for it. (And why not learn some logic programming too, while you’re at it.) Read the rest of this entry »

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Design patterns are from hell^2!

Some anonymous soul emailed me regarding my “Design patterns are from hell!” post, arguing that “somehow, knowing patterns exist is the same as knowing different data structures exist” and that “understanding the different ways for creating objects (hello creational patterns) is like understanding the implications of deciding to use a dequeue rather than an array or rather than a linked list.”

I was also bravely asked what I thought about these statements. Well, guess what, since one can never diss design patterns enough, this is what I think… Read the rest of this entry »

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Posts and links you should have read

I thought I’d post another summary of some (mostly) recent blog posts and links that are worthy of a read, in case you didn’t read them already. Here goes… Read the rest of this entry »

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