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Step and pulse functions (for alpha channels)

Artists get a lot of mileage out of animating the alpha reference value for the alpha test. Lets call the alpha reference value t. Then, for example, by having alpha come from a 0..1 alpha “contour” or “depth” map, artists can make things gradually appear or disappear by animating t. Read the rest of this entry »


CEDEC 2008 (2009?) archives

GDC — as you (should) know — is the premiere conference for game developers in the world. That said, the conference is not without flaws. In fact, you can criticize GDC for a lot of things, but one thing they’ve been reasonably good at is posting slides from the talks (as long as the speakers have bothered to submit them, that is). You can find the GDC proceedings archives here. Read the rest of this entry »